A Guide to Starting Your Professional Career Through Villanova


Diving into the professional world is often misconceived as a painstaking and tedious process, but with the right tools it can be transformed into a smooth and painless transition. The Villanova School of Business offers a wide range of ways for college students to apply themselves to the business world and adapt to being in a work setting.

In order to get a firm basis on what Villanova offers its business students in terms of work opportunities, I attended the VSB: Rise to the Top information session about internships and cooperative education programs.


What I Learned

The speaker, Christine Dellapenna, began with a couple of statistics to intrigue us about the benefits of Villanova’s immense set of internship programs. In a 2014 poll executed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the following information was concluded:

  • 74% of employers hire candidates with relevant work experience
  • 65% of employers offered full time jobs to interns

Villanova’s School of Business has a goal to supply its students with the right access to achieve great things. Internships, a branch of experiential education, are widely being provided by schools across the nation to apply students with vigorous work and engage them in learning. Professional stimulation allows students to put their knowledge to practice and focus on their goals. Additionally, it provides a way to enhance the resume and network with other professionals. Internships are also a great way for students to complete credit requirements, as academic credit is offered to Villanova juniors and seniors with a GPA greater than or equal to a 2.5.

Although specific to the Accounting major, Villanova offers Spring Accounting Internship Programs. These Spring Accounting Internships, or SAIs, are offered to juniors and consist of a three month, full-time paid position during the busy season of accounting, otherwise known as tax season. SAIs are represented by a total of six free elective credits, and students can choose between fifteen firms located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York.

The next program presented by Villanova are CoOp Programs, or Cooperative Education Programs. These are available for second-semester sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The CoOp Program spans over six months and provides students with a full-time, paid position and six free elective credits.

In this video, Villanova student Molly Hudish provides her insight on the benefits of a CoOp program.

Finally, Villanova offers International Internships. These help students gain exposure to the business setting in a new environment and can expose students to how their field can view subject matter differently around the world. Internships are offered and not limited to China, Spain, England, and Italy.

In her closing, Ms. Dellapenna offered tips that she found helped students the most during their time with internships.

  1. Take time to learn about etiquette and professionalism.
  2. Use a proper email style and email address.
  3. Have a voicemail set up on your phone so an employer can hear you when they must leave a message.
  4. Always follow up with employers.


Where to Start

Becoming a working adult can be scary and intimidating, so it’s always best to start at the beginning. If you are interested in any of the opportunities discussed above, visit the Clay Center’s website for information on programs.

Another way to start is by creating an account on GoNOVAJobs. This service connects students with employers looking to mentor or hire business students with certain educational experience.

Altogether, Villanova can offer you with all the right tools to begin a successful career in business.

Good luck to all who plan on working under a Villanova program!

A Guide to Starting Your Professional Career Through Villanova

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